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APlus Translations Inc. [Canada]
Providing the highest quality translations, guaranteed results and reasonable costs to global companies large and small, APlus Translations' professionals specialize in many fields to ensure effective communication in over 40 languages.
Acme Translation Company [China]
Acme Translation Company (Academic Translation Service Center) is a professional translation company approved by and registered with National Industrial & Commercial Administration Bureau.
Beijing HYW Translation Co., Ltd [China]
We are a large translation service company, founded and managed by several experts from well-known universities in China such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, etc.
Ningbo Yes TranslationCo., Ltd [China]
To provide accurate, timely, high-quality translations, we follow a rigorous translation process which includes editing, proofreading, and formatting the original translation.
ET Yana [Bulgaria]
I deal with translations and interpretations in English,Bulgarian and French.
WELINK Consulting Solutions Inc [Canada]
WELINK is a Vancouver based company focused on providing linguistic solutions, including document and website translation, localization, interpretation, and proofreading.
Growth Wings Consulting Corp. [Canada]
Growth Wings Consulting helps your business to enter Turkey. We have verity of services including; market search, business feasibility study (including government incentives for Canadian companies moving to Turkey), marketing your business venture for Tu
liubang [China]
自刘邦建汉朝起,中国与世界其他国家的交流才逐渐开始,文明古国打开了与其他文明交流的大门,于是乎出现了丝绸之路的文化经济走廊,中国走出了迈向世界的第一步。。。 如今经济全球化迅速蔓延的信息时代,世界各地各国的交流沟通更是如火如荼,可语言却成为了阻碍不同国家人民交流的一大障碍,为了弘扬我中华民族历来与世界人民修好,促进全球交流的优良传统,并使世界各国各组织及人民能够共同向前发展,我刘邦翻译公司隆重出场了。 我们的宗旨是:弘扬文化、促进交流、共同发展,从打造和谐中国开始走向和谐世界!
Ghana-Chinese Translators [China]
Providing translation services for ghanaian and chinese importers and exporters. Mainly for chinese and ghanaian importers and exporters from china into ghana and vice versa.
Qingdao OM Translation Co., Ltd. [China]
As a professional Chinese translation agency, Qingdao OM Translation Co., Ltd. may organize and deliver quality multilingual translation services in almost every major cities of China: English translation, Chinese translation, German translation, French
Beijing Sindeyar-Win Translation Co., LTD [China]
Beijing Sindeyar-Win Translation Co., Ltd is a commercial service company devoted to the business of translation and interpretation. The Chinese characters in our name reflect our business philosophy. “信” (Xin means be faithful to the original version),
M.A.S. Consulting Development [China]
Around four founding members, a team in constant resonance with the pace of the world economic and its financial markets. Combining expertise and experience, they share the same business ethics characterized by «Innovation, Integrity and Efficiency»
Uniworldpro [Spain]
uniWORLDpro provides translation services in english, french, spanish, german and italian. We currently handle the following services: * translation of websites, traditional software, documents, CV/resume/cover letters * web design
Mes-A International [Guatemala]
We provide the needed platform to leverage the business between Central America and Europe. Our customers get an European representative through Mes-A International.
CNX Translation [Hong Kong]
Translation, transcription and localization services in English, French, Chinese, Thai and more...
Ideal Ideas Graphics [India]
Ideal Ideas Graphics has been providing quality book publishing services at most affordable price. Founded in 2006, Ideal Ideas Graphics is an India based company having experienced, dedicated staff in our state-of-the-art production facility guarantee yo
Sherwood Language Centre EIRL [Peru]
We provide translation and interpretation services at the most competitive rate in latin america.
ACTSPAND Pte Ltd [Singapore]
Operating in Singapore and Lima, Peru, we offer trading services (organic health food products / ingredients from South America), and translation services (Chinese, English, Spanish and other major languages).
Canada-El Salvador Chamber of Commerce [El Salvador]
We are El Salvador's Most Dynamic Chamber, located in Central America. We are working to improve bilateral business relations between El Salvador and Canada, by partnering our members with businesses in Canada, El Salvador and now globally.
Sima Intertrade (Thailand) Co.,Ltd [Thailand]
Air and Sea International services. Inbound and Outbound services. Door to door services. Logistics services. Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) Consolidate shipment from China. Courier both document and goods. Insurance services in transpo
Objective Turkey [Turkey]
We are a Business & Consultancy Center in Istanbul. We provide business solutions focused on the development of international commercial activities and foreign investments in Istanbul. Rent Office, Virtual Office Company set-up, Domiciliation, Payroll
DTGlobal [Canada]
DTGlobal is a professional consultancy focused on establishing and expanding business initiatives into Latin American markets. Our core services include Market Research, Strategic Marketing, Marketing Deployment, and Event Management.
HUETZEN & PARTNER [Switzerland]
The scope of our services is Business Development for small and medium sized companies wanting to start their businesses in central Europe. We are specialized to the German speaking parts of Europe - Germany (D), Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH).
Transhorsa Inc [China]
With 3 year experiences, our 50 professional translators provide accurate and exquisite translation version. All projects are supervised by a project manager with bilingual expertise from original language to the target. We employ more than 150 profession
新世界全球同声翻译服务有限公司 [China]
新世界全球同声(广州|北京|上海|深圳|东莞)是一家专业同声传译公司,致力于提供国际一流的同声传译翻译服务与同声传译 设备租售服务。公司注重翻译质量控制,竭诚为客户提供最满意的同声传译翻译服务与同传设备租售服务,目前的同声传译翻译服务与同 传设备租赁服务客户的回头率达到100%,所售设备以完善的售后服务赢得客户的一致赞誉。
Qingdao Senior Translation & Consultation Co., Ltd. [China]
Qingdao Senior Translation & Consultation Co., Ltd. is a Chinese translation company with a history of over 10 years. With over 4,000 employees in almost 40 countries
L&M Accessories Co.,Ltd [China]
We specilize in many kinds of bags, being made of cotton, canvas, leather. Our customer spread all over the country, especially for bikini company, promotion gifts. Pls feel free to contact me if you are in need of these products.
Jiangyin Tsinghua Foamplastics Equipment Co., Ltd [China]
Jiangyin Tsinghua Foamplastics Equipment Co.,Ltd We are a technical EPS machinery manufacturer with over 17 years' experience. We make EPS Pre-expander (Batch and Continuous), Block Molding Machine (vacuum and air cooling), Silos, Block Cutting Line, CNC
Kunming Tianheng Translation Company Ltd., [China]
Precisely written-translation, simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation,localization,multi-media,translation training,etc. 100,000 translation talents tank,2000 talents serve for frequent tasks. Kunming Tianheng-Your Languages Provider
Chinamultiservice Consulting Co. Ltd [China]
Chinamultiservice Consulting Co., Ltd. is a consulting firm specializing in providing services to companies, institutions, and foreign economic entities intending to enter the Chinese market. Registered as a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise, Chinamultiserv
Global Wine China Group Limited [China]
A group of highly skilled persons knowing the wine industry from the different angles and their joint experience in the China market will be the best choice for any wine producer willing to tackle the Chinese market
Play sas [Italy]
Translations agency and audio production Co. Translations, trasriptions and voice overs in all languages from 0,06 €/word. All mother tongue translators and voice talents
Jac OlaNigeria Limited [Nigeria]
We import printing papers and boards for resale in wholesale, we are also into commercial printing and light packaging and printing of security documents for all kinds including annual reports and calendar including exercise books
Active Translators S.R.L. [Romania]
High quality translation services into/from romanian language. Professional linguists and engineers focusing on the quality of services and efficiency.
Ooo Ascent (Moscow) [Russia]
Ascent Swiss Business Management AG assists Swiss companies in their expansion to East and Central Europe and Russia. Through our assistance you will get: Security for the implementation of your project abroad Faster Results Reduced project costs
Mendoza Trade and Consulting [Turkey]
We are a trade and consulting company specialized in the business between Latin America and Turkey. We provide consultancy services, buying agent services, intermediary services, translation services. We have references in Latin America and Turkey
Transn (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. [China]
Qualification •ISO 9001:2000 certified; •Founding Corporate Member to the Translators Aociation of China •Senior member to Localization Industry Standards Association •Member of Association of Language Companies •Member of American Translators
Shenzhen Donghong Logistics Co.,Ltd [China]
Donghong Logistics has branch offices in each main port of China. If you want profession, Shenzhen Donghong logistics will be your best choice. Choosing Shenzhen Donghong logistics means choosing the best service and best rate.
Beijing Jingyitong Translation Co.,Ltd [China]
We provide English, Japanese, French and other 50 languages in total for Mechanics, Computer, Education, Government, Energy industries, and so on.
Beijing Institute of Century Simultaneous Interpreting [China]
Beijing Institute of Century Simultaneous Interpreting (BICSI), a leading translation company in China, provides document translation, simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation between Chinese and dominant languages.
Giant Translation Co., Ltd [China]
We are a high-speed commercial translation & printing company, mainly formed by a high-speed translation center & a high-speed printing center.
Roran Language Services Co., Ltd. [China]
Roran Language Services Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2003, which provides complete technical translation and training courses by foreign experts and well-experienced translators and educators, respectively in our Translation .....
Guang Zhou Quang Yi Translation [China]
We are professional translation company located in Guang Zhou City. We have a team of full time/part time prefessionals in different industries. We provide value added service to our customers.
Xi’an Blue Dolphin Translation & Consultation Co., Ltd [China]
Xi’an Blue Dolphin Translation & Consultation Co., Ltd. is a professional translation corporation which registered in Xi’an Administrative Bureau for Commerce and Industry and was approved by the government. The corporation owns a senior professional team
Young-Carrier Int'l Freight Agency Co., Ltd.DG Branch [China]
Shanghai Yizhou Interpreting Co., Ltd [China]
We are a professional interpreting company in Shanghai, providing more than 100 languages translation.
Transail Translation House [China]
Transail Translation House, WUXI, is a professional translation company formally registered in Wuxi Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau. Since its establishment, the company has been insisting on the concept of ........
Guangzhou Won Translation Organization [China]
The organization was established in 1998 and now has more than 400 certified and accredited linguists, as well as specialized teams. We act as a bridge between languages
Shenzhen Hansea Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. Shunde Branch [China]
We are mainly exporting Furniture,Ceramic, Sanitary,Home decoration and do Shipping to all ports. Ten Service: Suppier Inf.Provider,Translation, Purchase order processing,QC,Payment, Loading, Trucking&Customs, Shipping, Do export doc., Business updated.
Guangzhou International Business House Ltd. [China]
Guangzhou International Business House Co., Ltd. is one of the leading exporter of many products in different part of the world.
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